My personal api is available at http://api.muensterer.xyz (redirects to next.muensterer.xyz/api)

Available routes:

/dennisReturns information about me
/eventsA list of events in my life (used for muensterer.xyz/life)
/socialReturns a json of my social-urls
/social/ + (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, github, youtube, spotify, telegram)Gets a redirect to the given profile page
/playlistReturns a json of my Spotify playlists
/playlist/ + (current)Gets a redirect to a specific playlist
/playlist/randomRedirects to a random playlist
/redirectDynamically returns a Redirecting, matched to a list of aliases with fallback to social links and my homepage

Much of the data made available through this api is stored in gists.


  • Sheety turn a spreadsheet into an API